Replacement of filter sand

Replacement of sand in the pool filtration

FlexiFilter can be used in existing sand-filled filter housings. Do not make the filter layer in the housing larger than when using filter sand. One package of FlexiFilter 50 (300g) replaces one bag of filter sand for the pool filtration (20–25kg of sand).

Create a sufficient filter layer in the filter housing to accommodate the shape and size of the filter housing. Do not press the tufts with force, just make sure that there are no gaps between the tufts down to the bottom of the housing. The minimum diameter of the housing must be 20cm. The FlexiFilter does not float because it is heavier than water. The material is not even compressed by water, water easily flows through the filter layer. The working pressure of the water gets the impurities inside the tufts and the so-called depth filtration takes place.

FlexiFilter 50
FlexiFilter 50 in the e-shop

Sealing of filter cubes
FlexiFilter 50 cubes perform the function of a depth filtration and they outperform filter sand with their volume. It is suitable to supplement the cubes with a round filter, which closes the cubes tightly in the filter housing. Our offer includes a round filter of a diameter of 40cm – FlexiFilter 400. After filling the filter housing with cubes, the circle is put onto the central tube.

FlexiFilter 400 FlexiFilter 50 - 400  FlexiFilter 50-400   FlexiFilter 50-400-190
FlexiFilter 400 in the e-shop
+ filter cubes for a depth filtration
FlexiFilter 50+400, set for sand filtration
FlexiFilter 50+400+190, set for sand filtration

FlexiFilter 380 FlexiFilter 380 FlexiFilter 380 FlexiFilter 50
Round FlexiFilter 380 with a shaped cut-out
FlexiFilter 50+380, set for sand filtration

The use of a pre-filter prevents the entry of coarser impurities into the water supply of the pool water, the filtration pump, and the closed filter housing. The round pre-filter cartouche is put into the pool skimmer, into the housing space (the diameter marked in red) or into the deep sieve basket (the dimension marked in yellow) so that the material does not interfere when opening the skimmer door. Always choose a slightly larger pre-filter diameter than the measured dimension.

The pre-filter material traps a large amount of dirt and will need a frequent cleaning or replacement.

FlexiFilter 140
FlexiFilter 140 in the e-shop
a round filter of 14 cm in diameter (4 pcs in package)

FlexiFilter 190
FlexiFilter 190 in the e-shop
a round filter of 19 cm in diameter (2 pcs in package)

With FlexiFilter, particles up to 0.003 mm are filtered out without the use of flocculants. You can achieve savings thanks to a lower consumption of chemicals.
You will be delighted by the excellent properties able to remove dirt and turbidity through the fibrous structures.