Benefits of FlexiFilter

+ A lightweight substitution of traditional filter materials
A shape-adaptable material and very lightweight to handle.
300g FlexiFilter (1 pack) replaces fully e.g. 20 to 25kg of sand.

FlexiFilter 50+ It captures smaller impurities.
Trapping of impurities of up to 0.003mm.
/ Filter sand captures impurities of only 10 times greater roughness./

+ Easy trapping of impurities
High absorption of impurities by a depth filtration. Less frequent need for rinsing = less water added and further savings for its treatment and heating.
/ The sand filtration must be rinsed 3x – 4x more often./

+ A low pressure drop = energy savings
/ When using sand, the pressure loss is 10 times higher./

FlexiFilter 380FlexiFilter 140FlexiFilter 50-400-190