Questions and Answers

Questions and answers about a pool roofing

How larger should be the roofing diameter that the pool diameter?
When you open the roofing the folded canvas reches to the inner parts. We recommend a room around the pool edges min. 25 cm – ie. choose the roofing diameter by 50 cm bigger that the pool diameter. For above ground pools it is necessary to consider the room at the upper edge of the pool (not on the ground). Therefore we have prepared for you an auxiliary table of roofing dimensions according to the height and diameter of the pool. Always check if the roofing dimensions are not intervened by a skimmer or hose connections on the side of the pool, fixed stairs next to the pool or the height of their handrails.

Is swimming pool water heated with roofing or is it necessary to use solar collectors?
Yes, due to a transparent foil on the whole surface of TROPIKO roofing water is heated by a very hot air under the roofing. The blanket has no shielding elements. Pool water can be better heated when hot water on the surface of the pool mixes – with filtration on.
If during summer months you want to have water temperature from 27 to 29 degrees you may use solar collectors as a supplement. Instead of the recommended size of the collector area, which is the same as the pool surface, half collector area should be sufficient.

Do we have to change our habits in water treatment?
To adjust the quality of water use only chemical products determined specifically for a swimming pool water treatment.
When using TROPIKO pool roofing the swimming season is significantly extended. At the same time the amount of dirt that gets into the pool (mainly by rain) is considerably reduced. Consumption of chemical products and costs to maintain quality of water are not overally increased, rather the opposite.
During the period when pool water temperature rises above 28 degrees, observe water quality more often. Hot water spoils faster.

Zastřešení bazénu TROPIKO pro delší koupání, teplý bazén a čistou vodu jako azuro. Pro nadzemní i zapuštěné (kruhové / kulaté) zahradní bazény.Can we leave the roofing lay open next to the swimming pool in winter?
Yes, roofing material can withstand exposure to weather conditions year-round. Before the frost it is necessary to open the roofing. The construction is not designed to bear additional snow load or glaze ice from the inner side of the roofing.

Zastřešení bazénu TROPIKO pro delší koupání, teplý bazén a čistou vodu jako azuro. Pro nadzemní i zapuštěné (kruhové / kulaté) zahradní bazény.How is the roofing wrapped for delivery?
Everything needed to build the roofing is supplied in a cartoon and wrapped in a foil.  The product is delivered by the shipping service packed in a cardboard box of the size 210 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm, weight 35 – 55 kg according to the roofing size.

Can we carry out installation ourselves?
Installation (see instructions) is very simple. If you have successfully built and placed a free standing inflatable pool or assembled Scandinavian furniture be sure you can cope with installation of our roofing.

Is it difficult to slightly open the roofing to enter the pool?
Due to the balanced structure a child aged 5 years can open an unsecured roofing.

We have several cats, can they claw the roofing foil?
This of course cannot be excluded but the blanket is made of blue polyester fabric with water-repellent finish on both sides up to the height of the first rib.

Can we fully open the roofing for unobstructed view while bathing?
Full opened TROPIKO is a matter of course. Folded roofing next to the pool is 35 to 40 cm high. It opens on one side.

Can the roofing be left outdoors in winter? If it remains closed on the pool can it withstand snow loads?
Yes, the roofing can be left outdoors year round, but always open.
Please note that when freezing the roofing cannot be handled, it could cause deterioration of the foil.
Roofing is not designed to withstand snow loads. After several “weeks of snow“, it is necessary to open the roofing. The warranty on mechanical damage caused by snow load is not covered.

I want to use your roofing on the pool located at the cottage where I do not live permanently. Is it possible to dismantle it for winter?
Fixing and assembly of a covering blanket are easy for our product and the selected system also allows disassembly for storage in secured areas.

Could hail pierce the foil?
We have not encountered this problem.  The foil we use is strong and flexible. Puncturing due to hail or rain is unlikely.
In recent years none of our customers solved the problem with mechanical puncturing. If despite of this, there is mechanical rupture of the foil during your activities near the pool, we will help you with quality repair!


Zastřešení bazénu TROPIKO pro delší koupání, teplý bazén a čistou vodu jako azuro. Pro nadzemní i zapuštěné (kruhové / kulaté) zahradní bazény.How to open the TROPIKO pool roof?
Unhook the rubber cables from the roof. Take the tube and lightly raise the roof by hand. In the middle of the opening phase, the roof will be heavy – hold it.

How to close the pool roof?
Stand at the joint of the roof. Take the TROPIKO first aluminium pipe with your hand and pull the roof over your pool. (For the TROPIKO 500 and TROPIKO 550 roof, two people will be needed to close it. Stand against each other at one joint and close the roof together.) Do not pull the roof with ropes attached to aluminium pipes or with other mechanisms.

Spare parts for the pool roof
All spare parts for our products are always available. We can supply you with all the components from which we have been manufacturing the TROPIKO roof for more than 13 years. Contact us by e-mail.

Tarpaulin service life
If you keep the foil clean during the year, we have verified that the tarpaulin service life is longer than 6 years. We have been producing TROPIKO roofs for more than 10 years, and even the first products are still functional. When it is not raining, it is dry, you need to wash dust, dirt, and pollen from your pool roof. Just like when you wash your car windshield, rinse the dirt with a garden hose about once every 2 weeks.

Spare foils
All spare parts for TROPIKO roofs are available. Approximately half of the product price consists of the construction, the other half of the product price consists of the foil. Order the spare foils here…

Winterizing and dismantling the roof
It is not necessary to dismantle the roof for the winter. We recommend leaving the roof open next to the pool and put something under it so that water flows out of the foil. To facilitate a spring maintenance and cleaning, you can cover the roof with wrapping foil or unscrew the roof from the ground and protect it against snow and rain during the winter. For example, you can lean the roof against the garage wall.

Change of the foil colour
Are there matt white or bluish spots on the foil in the spring? It is possible that the cool foil has been exposed to water or snow for a long time. After heating, the foil will be transparent again. If dirt, dust, and pollen appear on the foil, the tarpaulin must be washed immediately with common detergents. (Do not use Amway and other aggressive detergents.)