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TROPIKO pool roofing is determined to cover above ground pools or semi and fully inground pools. TROPIKO roofing is designed for pools up to a diameter of 5.0 m. Simple but at the same time solid construction makes the roofing of any size easy to handle. TROPIKO roofing is available in diameters of 3.6 m, 4.2 m, 5.0 m a 5.5 m.
We have been manufacturing TROPIKO pool roofing for more than 12 years.
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FlexiFilter 50-400Sand filtration improvements for swimming pools

FlexiFilter can be used in existing sand-filled filter housings. Do not make the filter layer in the housing larger than when using filter sand. One package of FlexiFilter 50 (300 g) replaces one bag of filter sand for pool filtration (25 kg of sand).

cartridgesReplacement of cartridge filtration

FlexiFilter filter material is suitable as a replacement for common filter cartridges for cartridge filters. The filter housing, which contains the filter cartridge, can be filled with FlexiFilter material. The only limitations may be inlets and outlets for water supply and drainage. When used alone, multiple round filters can be stacked in a filter housing. Select a diameter of FlexiFilter equal to or slightly larger than the inside diameter of the filter bowl in which the cartridge was located.