Pool Water Temperature

Most people consider warm water for outdoor swimming at temperature over 21o C. During the summer in our conditions it is possible to reach these temperatures when swimming from mid-June to mid-August. The heat loss and night-time water cooling can be temporarily reduced by blanket covers. Solar blankets also accelerate water heating during intense sunlight. These supplements will improve your swimming season but they will not extend it.

Roofing ensures higher thermal effect for water heating and reduced cooling. The pool roofing is made of stabilised quality foil, under which temperature in the summer may climb up to 60o C. Even weak sunshine can significantly heat the space around the pool and water through the water surface. In high season the water temerature reaches 26 – 29o C. The pool roofing enables swimming in warm water already from May till the end of September – it extends the swimming season almost by 150 %.

If despite good effects of the roofing you want to heat pool water up by means of solar collectors, you can reduce their area. It is generally stated that for uncovered garden pools the area of solar collectors should be about the same as the pool water surface. A pool roofing and reduction of water cooling reduces the need of solar panels to half the area of the pool.

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