Pool roofing advantage

Are you thinking about roofing your pool or about the reasons that made our customers to get roofing of their pools?

Why to cover a pool:

  • You will extend the swimming season up to 150 % (from 2 to 5 months) – by naturally increasing the pool water temperature.
  • You will increase the purity of the pool. You will significantly reduce dustiness, airborne dust and debris fallen into the pool.
  • You will save for chemicals used for maintenance and water purity.
  • You will mitigate unpleasant weather. Feeling of warm swimming will be evoked – when you are wet you are not immediately exposed to the wind
  • It does not rain in the pool. Acid rain water is full of impurities and significantly promotes algae growth and biofouling.
  • Roofing can easily be opened completely. The roofing does not take the view and does not interfere with swimming in the summer. On hot summer days the complete opening can interrupt “overheating“of the pool water and the air above the surface.
  • With a simple installation of our roofing you will save additional funds. You can perform installation yourself.
  • In the event of relocation or liquidation of the pool the roofing can be easily and quickly moved, dismantled or completely taken into pieces for temporary storage

Zastřešení bazénu TROPIKO pro delší koupání, teplý bazén a čistou vodu jako azuro. Pro nadzemní i zapuštěné (kruhové / kulaté) zahradní bazény.