Business Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Issued by Systemia s. r. o.
with its registered office at Smetanova 131, 250 82 Úvaly, reg. no. 28513177, VAT no. CZ28513177,
recorded in the Commercial Register, file no. C 147064 at the Registry Court in Prague.

In accordance with section 1751 (1) of the Act no. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, the Terms and Conditions of Sale govern mutual rights and obligations of contracting parties resulting from a distance contract of sale concluded between the Seller and another natural person (a consumer, a buyer) at a website, by e-mail or by phone beyond the Buyer’s business activities.

Seller’s contact details
Systemia s. r. o., reg. no. 28513177, VAT no. CZ28513177 (VAT payer)
address: Smetanova 131, 250 82 Úvaly, Czech Republic
telephone: +420 281864404

Contract of Sale
A consumer agreement is a contract of sale if the contracting parties are the Seller at one side and a consumer at the other side. A submitted properly completed demand form at the Seller’s website is a draft contract of sale.
The Seller acknowledges the order receipt to the Buyer. The Seller can verify the order validity by phone. The Seller informs the Buyer of the date when the order is settled. The Contract of Sale is made upon the Seller’s order acknowledgement (acceptance). All the offers for sale at the Seller’s website are not binding, and the Seller is not obliged to make a Contract of Sale for such offered products.
By making the Contract of Sale, the Buyer accepts all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Sale valid at the day of the order dispatch, including the ordered product price specified in the confirmed order.

The price always includes the value-added tax (VAT) applicable in the Czech Republic. The Consumer that is a VAT payer from any EU country will ask the Seller for a price adjustment individually in the order or by e-mail. The price quoted in the offer remains valid as long as stated on the Seller’s site or when the order settlement is confirmed (with the delivery date specified). The total price includes the price of products, services, bank fees and delivery costs specified at the Seller’s website.
Payment for all products according to the Contract of Sale can be effected by bank transfer, using PayPal, collect on delivery or in cash at the Seller’s registered office.
A tax document is issued after the purchase price has been paid.
With advance payment, the products are dispatched after the Buyer’s payment has been credited to the Seller’s account. With collect on delivery, the products are dispatched on the second working day after the order acknowledgement (acceptance) at the latest. The customer is informed of the dispatch date of products or services made to order.

The Seller delivers the ordered products to the consumer via an external carrier (Dachser, Gebrüder Weiss, PPL, Schenker etc.). In the Czech Republic, the order is delivered within 2 working dates after its acknowledgement (acceptance) at the latest; in the EU countries, it is delivered approximately within 5 working days. Upon takeover of the products from the carrier, the Buyer is obliged to check the integrity of the package with the products and to inform the carrier of any defects and to document them by means of photographs. No later complaint regarding the shipment will be taken into consideration.
A tax document is sent by the Seller by e-mail. The Seller can send a manual or other product information (assembly video etc.) by e-mail.
The Seller reserves its right to cancel the order or its part prior to making the Contract of Sale, by agreement with the Buyer, in the following cases: the products are not produced or supplied any longer, the price of the products has changed significantly, it is a product of seasonal character or there is a risk of damage due to climatic conditions (frost).

Right to withdraw from the Contract of Sale
The Consumer is entitled to withdraw from the Contract of Sale without giving any reason and without any sanction. The announcement of withdrawal from the Contract of Sale must be served to the Seller in a provable way to the address of the Seller’s premises or to the Seller’s e-mail address within fourteen (14) days of the product takeover (web form). The products must be returned to the Seller within 2 working days after dispatch of the withdrawal from the Contract to the Seller. The products returned by the Consumer to the Seller’s address must be undamaged and without any signs of being used (not worn-out), preferably in the original packaging. The procedure of the product return may be arranged with the Seller by e-mail in advance. Along with the returned products, the Buyer will send a copy of the takeover evidence, tax document or order and details for reimbursement – bank account information. The Seller will deal with the withdrawal from the Contract of Sale within 10 days.
If the Buyer withdraws from the Contract of Sale, it is the Buyer that covers the costs related to the product return to the Seller.
If the returned products are damaged, worn-out or partially consumed, the Seller is entitled to claim damages caused by the Buyer. The Seller will set off its claim to damages against the Buyer’s claim to reimbursement of the purchase price.

In case of a complaint, the Buyer contacts the Seller and agrees with the Seller on the complaint procedure. The complaints are settled at the Seller’s registered office or directly at the producer’s premises pursuant to Terms and Conditions of Complaints and the manual for the product concerned.

Data protection
Any handling of personal data obtained from a business activity is governed by the Privacy Policy of Systemia s.r.o. within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Final provisions
These Terms and Conditions apply as stated at the Seller’s website at the date when the Contract of Sale is made. It is the Czech version of the Terms and Conditions of Sale that shall apply to any dispute. Disputes are handled in Czech language at the territory of the Czech Republic.


Information on Czech EET:
According to the law on the registration of sales, the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. He is also obliged to register a revenue received from the Tax online; in case of technical failure, then within 48 hours.